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Talking about Owen falling in love, another thing that made this book so amazing and precious to me was the relationship between him and Maredudd. They are both such amazing characters, and when Owen fell in love with Maredudd, I fell in love with them both at the same time. And not only because they are super adorable together, but also because of how equal, healthy and beautiful their relationship was from the start. This felt so important to me, that Maredudd fell for Owen because of the man he is and never once questioned Owen being trans.

~ Linn @ Goodreads

Nem Rowan is an LGBT-focused writer of Horror Fantasy.

His work is published through LT3 Press.

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Following the disappearance of his father, Owen returns to the Welsh village where his parents grew up to live with his mother and her boyfriend. While pursuing the mystery of cattle mutilations in the area, he meets Maredudd, an old friend of his mother’s, and learns something about his parents that they’ve never told him…


Rough Sleepers – Preparing for publication

Leon Ryan, a drag performer who once owned his own night club, is attacked by a werewolf one night, and the attack causes him to lose more than his arm; he runs away after massacring his own club guests and finds himself homeless and tormented by nightmares. He meets a mortal man called Ceri who invites him to stay with him at a shop run by a Polish immigrant named Mecky. She lost her husband and son in a similar werewolf attack, and they are searching for the unknown perpetrator. Together, they start to solve the crime, and Leon finds himself falling for Ceri, eventually revealing to him his female alter ego, Leona, and coming to realise that he is no longer homeless and without a family.


The Things We Hide At Home – Submitted to Publisher

A kink-positive BDSM-themed MM Romance with a side order of Thriller. Confident trans man Tristen meets shy older David at a fetish club and instantly takes a liking to him, so it’s not long before the two are dating and exploring each others friendship. Unfortunately for Tristen, a possessive stalker is harassing him, and all evidence points to David as the culprit.

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Work In Progress

Lunar Shadows Book #3 – 0% progress – Estimated word-count = 100k

Maredudd is possessed by an evil spirit, and Owen teams up with Geraint to save him from the dark entity. This brings them to an ancient castle where they discover there is much more at play and much more at stake than they initially bargained for.


The Jaguar King – 30% – Estimated word-count = 150k

A gruesome, erotic, violent, gritty and at times, philosophical, romantic Fantasy. Naive and somewhat gullible Yvain, a cloistered scholar from a Northern kingdom, is captured and sold as a slave to the masked cannibal, Jin Jinn, King of the rain forest. War is brewing at the border between the two kingdoms. Yvain desires to escape, but other machinations are at work behind the scenes.

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~*Owen Vaughn*~

The narrator of Witcheskin. Owen is a Welsh trans man who was raised in England, so when he returns to Wales with his mother, Wenda, he feels a bit out of place. He looks back on his life in England with rose-tinted lenses though. In his past, anxiety, depression and struggling through his transition forced him to be dependent on Wenda despite his age, especially when his father inexplicably disappeared one day. Owen wants to be independent, though. He wants a job, a home of his own, to be a free man. He just has no idea if he’ll ever reach his goals or if he’ll ever find someone to love.



~*Maredudd Yale*~

Maredudd had an unusual childhood, passed between several care-givers while his adoptive father, Morcant, was unable to provide the every day normalities of the average family. Born in Iran and raised in Wales, Maredudd considers himself a Welshman through and through. His skills as a Witch enable him to live a comfortable life, but until he meets Owen, it is a rather solitary one, though he’s certain there’s a soul-mate out there just for him. He is a gentle, thoughtful man who always tries to see the best in everyone.


~*Rough Sleepers*~


~*Leon(a) Ryan*~

The narrator of Rough Sleepers. Leon (or Leona, as he often switches gender) grew up in poverty in a high-rise block of flats with his beloved mother and her boyfriend, Pete. After her death, things weren’t so rosy between him and his step-dad. Exploring drag clubs and bars enabled Leon to discover his female side, but Pete didn’t quite understand and tried to interfere. An argument that results in Pete’s death sends Leon to prison, but when he emerges again, he finds fame as a local drag performer. Leon is stubborn, occasionally bad-mouthed and has a somewhat skewed self-image, but his heart is in the right place.



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