3 weeks and counting

Until my book is released, and I’m not gonna lie, I feel pretty nervous about it. Nervous excitement, yes. I know the golden rule is never to read your reviews and never to respond to them. I’m 50/50 on that because on one hand I’d love to see what people think of my work, but on the other I’m scared that bad reviews will destroy my desire to write. I think the best thing to do is carry on regardless! I haven’t written very much lately because life things have been getting in the way, but I will get back to it soon enough. I began to feel burned out by social media and figured it would be a good idea to take a break, but right now taking a break wouldn’t be the best thing to do in regards to promoting my book. So I guess I don’t get to have a break until the release date.

I have two unfinished main projects I’m working on and I’m planning another, which I’m content to sit on top of until all the fine details are worked out, but I have a craving to get to know the characters more, which can only mean writing with them, but if I do that, it’ll be valuable writing time I could otherwise put towards my current projects. Typical author dilemmas I suppose.

Author: nemrowan

I am an author of LGBT-focused Horror Fantasy.

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