The New Year

I’m so glad to see the backside of 2018. It’s been an unbelievably bad year despite my book releases. The release of Witcheskin seems like it was a decade ago, and yet that was only in February. A lot of bad things happened throughout the course of the year, the biggest and worst one being the death of our dog, Dolphie, while others such as my fight for revision surgery dragged on slowly over the months. I’m relieved that this terrible year is over and I can began afresh in 2019.

The third Lunar Shadows book is around 30% through, but it’s been on hold for the last couple of months due to my ill physical and mental health and everything else that’s been going on. What has been written I am very happy about. I am due to go in for surgery in the first week of January, so the book will probably be on hold for a little longer since I won’t be able to use my arms very much post-op. Once I’m healed, I hope to return and finish the manuscript, which will close off the trilogy. I don’t know if I will write something further with that batch of characters, I never can tell! It might be the last we see of them, and it might not. I hope not.

One good thing that did come out of 2018 and was completely unexpected is the new poly relationship between my wife and our girlfriend, Linn. It wasn’t something we thought would happen considering everything else around us was going so badly, and I’m so grateful for our relationship. I do intend to write a book in future that focuses on a poly romance since I only briefly touched upon a (failed) poly relationship in Witcheskin, because it’s a lifestyle that isn’t hugely represented.

I have a cluster of unfinished projects to return to, which I hope I’ll be able to complete sometime soon. Maybe I’ll even get an agent someday. The problem I find with being transgender is that my transition often gets in the way of my creative process instead of fuelling it. Until my transition is over, I’m gonna have to fight with it to make room for the things I love.

I wish everyone luck, romance and joy in the New Year!

Author: nemrowan

I am an author of LGBT-focused Horror Fantasy.

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