New work coming soon!

My 3rd novel, The Things We Hide At Home, has been accepted for publication and I’m super excited! It is a stand-alone romance thriller that is not connected to my first two novels, and is the first time I’ve written a book that doesn’t have any Fantasy elements in it! I guess you could say it’s Contemporary? I’m not entirely sure how to classify it to be honest. But I’m really excited that it will be published and I can’t wait for folks to read it.

In regards to the closing novel of the Lunar Shadows trilogy, I am about 40% through the manuscript now. I took a break from writing to deal with going into hospital and a few other things, and when I returned to my project, I realised I hadn’t written the plot down… So I had to go through the notes I did have and come up with a new plot ha-ha. Lesson learned: always keep notes.

Some less positive news… My dog, Eva, was recently diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. She’s 14 years old, and in otherwise excellent health, but shortly after the death of Dolphie (my other dog) in August last year, she started to show signs of wobbles in her back legs. In the last few months, she’s declined rapidly. Her hind legs have become very weak, in particular the right leg, which she keeps dragging along the floor and had caused her claws to erode quite short, so now she has to wear little booties to keep her feet from getting sore. The vet told me that I have only a few months left with her before it’s time to say goodbye. I’ve been battling the onset of grief since then and it’s unbearable to see her so clumsy and weak when before she has always been an incredibly active and healthy dog.

I’m devastated because we are intending to move to Sweden at the end of the year, but it looks likely that she will never get to experience the Scandinavian forests that I know she would adore.

I’m currently grinding on the Lunar Shadows manuscript, which I hope to get finished this year, and then I’ll probably turn my attention to one of my existing projects, although I do have some desire to start something new!

Author: nemrowan

I am an author of LGBT-focused Horror Fantasy.

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