About Nem


Nem is an Own Voice author who writes LGBT-focused Horror Fantasy with characters who have been through their own personal struggles. He aims to write villains that are three-dimensional, using their pasts as fuel for the things they do and the crimes they commit. His belief is that everything happens for a reason. Nem enjoys writing with main characters that fall under the LGBT+ umbrella, primarily gay and transgender men, but also spreading out into the lives of lesbian, bisexual and gender fluid adults.

Nem also sometimes writes with characters that are heterosexual too, because exploring all forms of sexuality is interesting and exciting. Most of his characters are based on ones he wrote with as a child, whereas others share characteristics with people he’s met in real life. The focus of many of his stories is mystery and the paranormal as he enjoys problem-solving and detective plots. He tries to stay away from politics in his work because he sees writing and reading as forms of escapism from the miseries of the world.

Most of Nem’s inspiration comes from 70s and 80s horror media, 80s horror film being the most prominent of his muses. He also derives inspiration from romantic comedies, crime dramas and thrillers, and philosophical and psychological documentaries. He enjoys listening to 80s pop music of all kinds and has a developing penchant for Blues. His favourite authors are James Herbert and J.V. Jones.