Not long to go!

Just under two weeks to go until the release of Rough Sleepers! Some lovely folks on Instagram are hosting my book tour, and there will also be a goodies giveaway for folks who have pre-ordered a copy! Go and follow everyone if you'd like to see the entire tour and if you have pre-ordered (which [...]

Rough Sleepers Cover Reveal

Yesterday, the cover for Rough Sleepers was revealed on Instagram! All the lovely people who are taking part in my book tour posted about it and it was so awesome ❤ I'm thrilled that everyone is going to be reading the ARC and posting about it. Really looking forward to October and the book release!

Website update

I've done a big clean up of my website, added some new things and updated some posts too. I've been meaning to do that for awhile! Wish I could figure out how I can add my Red Bubble shop to my site though, the widgets I've tried don't work well so I think I may [...]

Rough Sleepers Pre-Order

Rough Sleepers is now available for pre-order at LT3's site 😀 I will soon be doing a pre-order raffle to win a limited edition print and some other goodies! In other news, I'm approximately 25,000 words into the third Lunar Shadows novel after several false starts, and things are going swimmingly (I've always wanted [...]

In Memory of Dolphie

The first time I saw Dolphie was on a facebook group for pet sales in South Wales. We were actively searching for a second dog to join our family as we'd only recently moved to Wales and were renting a large house with an even larger garden so we had plenty of space to expand [...]

Book 3 in the pipelines :)

I was having some difficulty with Book 3 of Lunar Shadows being a bit of a stop-starter. I have up on it multiple times and at one point I even contemplated not writing it at all! I've come back around to it again though. The main character is still a bit of a mirage to [...]

Read my interview @ Alephaekho

You can find Ekho's interview with me HERE. I was so caught up in the excitement of Rough Sleepers being accepted for publication that I completely forgot to mention this, so check it out! Also, Ekho is running their own diverse book club where they're curating a selection of own voice books written by LGBTQIA+ [...]