Rough Sleepers Accepted for Publication

I got an email last night from LT3 saying they have accepted Rough Sleepers for publication. Right now there's a hurricane of so many different emotions going round in my head, I don't know what to do with myself! I barely slept last night and woke up this morning feeling exhausted with heartburn. I feel [...]

In regards to donkeys, language etc.

This weekend someone brought to my attention that I’ve made somewhat of a faux pas in my writing, which made me thoroughly embarrassed and spurred to me to check it out further. So this blog post is somewhat of an explanation/apology/Nem face-palming. (I have not read or looked at wherever this was mentioned online as [...]

Scrivener & current work

I've decided to give my other projects a break because they were fighting for space in my brain with this long-standing project I've contemplated for some time now. It's based on an old story I wrote when I was young. So far I've written about 8000 words. I decided to try using Scrivener this time [...]


I've started an author Patreon for anyone who wants to support me. I will be adding more rewards soon and begin putting up content. I'm actually in the process of looking for some artists to commission character portraits from, so I will be doing some postcard giveaways too. If you'd like to support my work, [...]

Release day!!!

Witcheskin has finally been released and is available in hard copy and ebook! I'm so thrilled that I can finally call myself a published author. It's been a long but relatively easy-going process. Everyone the worked with me to prepare my manuscript for publication was so nice and friendly, and Aisha Akeju did such a [...]

3 weeks and counting

Until my book is released, and I'm not gonna lie, I feel pretty nervous about it. Nervous excitement, yes. I know the golden rule is never to read your reviews and never to respond to them. I'm 50/50 on that because on one hand I'd love to see what people think of my work, but [...]

Last update of 2017 :)

Well, it's been a tough year and I'm looking forward to 2018! With Witcheskin being published and lots of other exciting developments going on in my life, I'm hoping that it's going to be brighter than 2017 has been. I've returned to one of my current projects after a couple of months of inactivity, and [...]

Current status update

I'm currently experimenting with using some novel writing software but I can't decide which to use. Most people recommend Scrivener, which I have tried, but it's kind of ugly and clunky with too many buttons. I've also installed Plume and Manuskript, the latter of which looks the most pleasing to my eye and I think [...]

Witcheskin Update

I got an email today from my publisher with the cover of my novel and I am so excited! I think it looks fantastic and I can't wait to see it in print. They said earlier this month that I would have the manuscript to work on soon too, to fingers crossed that it won't [...]

Slightly side-tracked

I'm taking a little break from working on my third book, and when I say a small break, what I actually mean is I'm currently writing a different book lol. I'm working on a contemporary LGBT kink-positive romance with a side order of mystery, and I've written about 12k words so far. I created the [...]