Release day!!!

Witcheskin has finally been released and is available in hard copy and ebook! I’m so thrilled that I can finally call myself a published author. It’s been a long but relatively easy-going process. Everyone the worked with me to prepare my manuscript for publication was so nice and friendly, and Aisha Akeju did such a beautiful cover for me. I feel so lucky to be where I am right now and to have what I have! It’s also reinforced the desire to write more books (well there’s a surprise!) and I’m about 4 – 5 scenes away from completing my third novel, The Things We Hide At Home.

The third book in the Lunar Shadows trilogy is undergoing multiple transformations so because of that it’s coming along quite slowly but I don’t feel in any need to rush really since Rough Sleepers hasn’t even been accepted for publication so all I can do is keep working. Owen’s return in the third book is both tragic and empowering and I have a really lovely ending planned for it. The only problem is figuring out what happens in the middle because at the moment it’s a total mess! It’s also the largest set of character I’ve ever written into a single book so it’s giving me a bit of a headache writing from one POV. Perhaps I might change it up and add a second POV but that will require a huge amount of editing.

On top of that, I’ve got another novel I’ve been planning for several months now which will be an enormous undertaking as it’s a fully fledged fantasy based on a story I wrote when I was a teen. Every time I think about it, it evolves more and more and is becoming a monster of a story. I am considering opening a Patreon creator page in case anyone wants to support me and receive monthly sneak peeks on my progress.

I hope everyone that orders a copy of my book enjoys it and falls in love with the characters just as I did when I wrote with them 🙂

Work Update

Just a little update on my progress so far. The 3rd Lunar Shadows book has finally got a permanent title. It’s called When The Fog Eats The Mountain. I thought this title was more unique than Heartwood (how many books out there are called Heartwood? Dozens probably). I’ve planned out about 80% of the scenes and written a dozen of them. I’m not sure how long the story is going to end up being, perhaps a bit longer than the first two, so I’m squeezing what I can in and I may have to cut some bits out at a later date.

I visited Edinburgh last week for the first time and I was so amazed by the beauty of the place that it’s given me fresh inspiration to write. Getting to travel gave me some space to think, too, and that helped me to formulate some of the scenes I hadn’t had a chance to really go through in my head. The storyline has switched itself around a couple of times but now it feels like I’ve got a definite path to go down. Owen’s character has evolved so much in this novel that I hope people won’t dislike him because he has changed. He’s much stronger than he was before, and his role in his relationship with Maredudd is slightly different too. I have put a part of myself in Owen from the beginning and I wonder if the change in Owen is because of a change in me too.


I successfully migrated my blog from Blogger over to WordPress and I’m really impressed with the styles and themes here. They look so fresh and modern! My blogspot was looking pretty tired, like a circa 90s HTML site, not a good look unless you’re going for retro. Hopefully I can settle in nicely here and maybe get myself a proper domain name.

At present, I’m planning the plot-line for my third book, which will encompass both sets of characters from my first and second books, whilst hopefully clearing up any questions from them too. It’s going to be darker and have more emotional drama. Although technically it may not be classed as a ‘romance’, one of the couples in the story have a falling out and have to reconnect with each other, so in a way, it is a refreshing of romance between them. It’s taken me awhile to formulate a plot because originally there were two separate stories, then they combined, and then I separated them again because it just wasn’t working.

As it stands, I’ve got one other story that I’ve made a start on (Scissor Island), and two other story plots, one of which relates to a character who appears in book 2 of my trilogy. I named the trilogy Lunar Shadows, because it kind of sums up the theme running through them.

Apart from that, I’m working on some new characters and considering starting a Patreon, but I don’t really know how it works at this stage, nor how I can provide things for patrons as a writer. I guess I will look into it.

First Post – Whoop!

The first post in my new blog. I’ve had it as a place-holder for some time, but never got around to do anything with it because I didn’t feel it was necessary, perhaps because I had nothing to put on it. Now that I’ve completed my first novel, I feel this is a somewhat auspicious occasion and so have decided to commence posting here. I received some good news last week as my first novel, Witcheskin, was accepted for publication by LT3 Press, so I am in high spirits and enthusiastic about charging ahead with the other novels I have planned out! I hope this will be the start of a new stage in my history as a writer.

This is the first time I have had my work accepted by a publisher and I was overjoyed when I heard the good news. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who know what that feels like! So, this is an alien world I am venturing into, and who knows where I will end up.

I’m currently working on editing my wife’s first novel, just doing a few pages a day in the hopes that I can have it finished in a couple of day’s time. That aside, I have completed the entire plot for my next novel, Rough Sleepers. Usually when I start writing, I have a few false starts while I test out the characters, and then when I get into their heads a bit more I can start planning the first stages of the story out. Often I don’t even have an idea of what to do with the ending until I am over halfway through!