~* Leon(a) *~
The narrator of Rough Sleepers. Leon (or Leona, the name of his female alter ego) grew up in poverty in a high-rise block of flats with his beloved mother and her boyfriend, Pete. After her death, things weren’t so rosy between him and his step-dad. Exploring drag clubs and bars enabled Leon to discover his female side, but Pete didn’t quite understand and tried to interfere. An argument that results in Pete’s death sends Leon to prison, but when he emerges again, he finds fame as a local drag performer. Leon is stubborn, occasionally bad-mouthed and has a somewhat skewed self-image, but his heart is in the right place.

~* Ceri *~
The love interest of Rough Sleepers. Ceri is a troubled soul with a difficult past who does his best to keep those ghosts a secret. One fateful night, Ceri runs to the rescue of a woman named Mecky, whose family have been violently attacked by a werewolf, and he makes a last ditch attempt to save her child that ultimately fails. Despite the outcome, Mecky is overwhelmed by Ceri’s bravery and urges him to stay with her when she discovers that he has nowhere else to go. From that night on, Ceri works tirelessly to find the culprit and break the werewolf’s curse at all costs.

~* Owen *~
The narrator of Witcheskin. Owen is a Welsh trans man who was raised in England, so when he returns to Wales with his mother, Wenda, he feels a bit out of place. He looks back on his life in England with rose-tinted lenses though. In his past, anxiety, depression and struggling through his transition forced him to be dependent on Wenda despite his age, especially when his father inexplicably disappeared one day. Owen wants to be independent, though. He wants a job, a home of his own, to be a free man. He just has no idea if he’ll ever reach his goals or if he’ll ever find someone to love.

~* Maredudd *~
The love interest of Witcheskin. Maredudd had an unusual childhood, passed between several care-givers while his adoptive father, Morcant, was unable to provide the every day normalities of the average family. Born in Iran and raised in Wales, Maredudd considers himself a Welshman through and through. His skills as a Witch enable him to live a comfortable life, but until he meets Owen, it is a rather solitary one, though he’s certain there’s a soul-mate out there just for him. He is a gentle, thoughtful man who always tries to see the best in everyone.


Character portraits painted by the wonderful Julia ❤
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