Horror | Romance | Mystery
Trans & Gay representation
Own Voices

Following the disappearance of his father, keen photographer Owen returns to the Welsh village where his parents grew up to live with his mother and her boyfriend. Despite being born in Wales and having been raised in England, Owen feels like an outcast, and the villagers are unfriendly. He soon discovers an epidemic of cattle mutilations that have been spreading through the countryside like a rash and, determined to discover the cause, he takes up his camera and starts snapping pictures.

While pursuing the mystery, he meets Maredudd, an old friend of his parents of whom they had never spoken, and Owen can’t help but feel drawn to him. Maredudd seems to know more about the mutilations than the other villagers are willing to admit, and even more about the supposed death of Owen’s father than his own mother does. Maredudd shows Owen things he never thought possible, and Owen soon finds himself at the centre of the kind of folk tale only his father could dream of.

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“Perhaps it was a fear I had been carrying with me yet denying the whole time. The images I had captured twenty minutes ago on my camera told me that something out here was dangerous, and if it could do that to a cow, imagine what it could do to a puny human such as myself?”

– Owen


Character Art


Portraits by Julia