Work In Progress

Lunar Shadows Book #3 – 0% progress – Estimated word-count = 100k

Maredudd is possessed by an evil spirit, and Owen teams up with Geraint to save him from the dark entity. This brings them to an ancient castle where they discover there is much more at play and much more at stake than they initially bargained for.


The Things We Hide At Home – 80% progress – Estimated word-count = 70k

A kink-positive BDSM-themed MM Romance with a side order of Thriller. Confident trans man Tristen meets shy older David at a fetish club and instantly takes a liking to him, so it’s not long before the two are dating and exploring each others friendship. Unfortunately for Tristen, a possessive stalker is harassing him, and all evidence points to David as the culprit.


The Jaguar King – 30% – Estimated word-count = 150k

A gruesome, erotic, violent, gritty and at times, philosophical, romantic Fantasy. Naive and somewhat gullible Yvain, a cloistered scholar from a Northern kingdom, is captured and sold as a slave to the masked cannibal, Jin Jinn, King of the rain forest. War is brewing at the border between the two kingdoms. Yvain desires to escape, but other machinations are at work behind the scenes.