Work In Progress

Lunar Shadows Book #3 – Death Knell
30% progress – Estimated word-count = 100k

England, 1907 – Young witch, Casimir, is sent on a trip to East Elditch, a tiny village beset by monsters, where he intends to discover the cause of the scourge, but in the process, Casimir falls helplessly in love with a beautiful nun who has secrets to keep of her own.

Present time, 2017 – Morcant wakes from his evolutionary ritual to discover that not only has it failed but that the village where his loved ones reside is now overrun with beasts. Morcant fears he won’t be strong enough to win the battle this time.


The Jaguar King
30% progress – Estimated word-count = 150k

A gruesome, erotic, violent, gritty and at times, philosophical, romantic Fantasy. Naive and somewhat gullible Yvain, a cloistered scholar from a Northern kingdom, is captured and sold as a slave to the masked cannibal, Jin Jinn, King of the rain forest. War is brewing at the border between the two kingdoms. Yvain desires to escape, but other machinations are at work behind the scenes.


Upcoming Projects

Untitled Lunar Shadows spin-off novel focusing on Mecky
Untitled Lunar Shadows novella focusing on Leon, Ceri & Leon’s old friend
Possible sequel to The Things We Hide At Home focusing on Growler and Gerard